What is a yurt tent ?

What is a yurt tent ?

What is a yurt ?

The interior of a portable yurt tent differs from more traditional models in that it does not include a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or other essentials of a permanent or semi-permanent home. The yurt is made for quick assembly and disassembly. As such, it resembles a glamping tent designed for regular camping use.

These yurt tents are much smaller and more compact than traditional yurt tents (but have plenty of living space inside).

They typically use lightweight metal posts as infrastructure rather than the lattice walls found in most traditional yurts.




Why Should Go Camping in a Yurt Tent ?


Yurt tents usually have enough room to stand upright. It usually holds multiple cots and other basic camping furniture.

Most yurt tents are made of canvas. This material holds up very well to rain (don’t touch the tent walls!), not to mention snow and wind.

I love using canvas tents for winter camping. Highly compatible with both portable heaters and wood tent stoves.

The size, shape and materials of the yurt tent create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside the tent.
portable yurt tent is very sturdy. The best models will last for years, even with regular camping abuse.


History of Yurts


William Copperthwait introduced yurts to the United States in the 1960s. Pacific He Yurts was the first company to start manufacturing yurts in North America, founded in 1978 and helped establish yurts as an alternative for camping and glamping enthusiasts.

While yurts tend to be built as permanent structures these days, you can also purchase yurt kits and build your own. Tutorials on building yurts are available online, and many companies sell yurt kits.

North American yurts and modern Mongolian ger use modern materials such as aircraft cables and waterproof vinyl sheeting, but the common construction of yurts dates back thousands of years to nomadic tribes. The gel remains the same.


Contemporary Uses of Yurts


Gers are still widespread in Mongolia in the ‘pao districts’ that occupy parts of major cities such as Ulaanbaatar. Yurts are becoming more popular in other parts of the world due to the ease of building them and the wide availability of yurt kits.North American backcountry areas like Colorado and Europe are very popular for yurt camping.

People still choose to use local hardwoods in their yurt construction, but modern materials such as metal frames, tarpaulins, plexiglass domes and wire ropes are now also used. increase. These materials are safer and designed to keep your yurt in one place for a long time.


What makes yurts so great


Yurts give us a worldview of how we can comfortably live outside the brick and mortar norms we expect. In Lapland (Sami Finland) a yurt style house is called lavvu.

The Sami still live here. In North America, nomads built igloos, goats, wigwams and tipis.

Each cultural structure has adapted over thousands of years to reflect the needs of its people, the weather in which they live, and the migration patterns of their hunting and tending herds.

What’s great about yurts is that you can take advantage of the history and architectural genius of the people who created them by using some of their engineering knowledge to build them.



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